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mIRC DuoG Script
(Updated: 17.4.2010)
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 Guide for newbies

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PostSubject: Guide for newbies   Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:36 pm

I would like to introduce you 2vs2 soldat gather, where CTF mods are played. This place is strictly for those, who like 2vs2 and/or are bored of 3vs3 gathers. This 2vs2 gather is called Duo Gather and those, who created it are nEttsE` and Freeman. Main thanks in this way goes to bazoka, who is hosting those servers and to zakath, person from who we have taken scripts and remade them for our needs.

0. Before we start
People, who didn't even heard about IRC - it's Internet Relay Chat, aka chat client with which you will connect on server, then on any channel and you can start chatting.

First, you need to download any client (for example, mIRC, which is the one of the simpliest clients) and of course, install it.
Second, you need to set up parametres. If you are starting that first time, there will pop-up a mIRC Options window, where you have to fill Full Name, Email address (those does not need to be filled trully), Nickname (the name you will use) and Alternative (if Nickname will be already in use, you will need to use Alternative nick). When you will fill it up, on the left of the poped-up window there is small table, where Connect is the tab, which you have filled right away. If you will expand Connect, you will see there Servers tab. Click on it. Here you have to select the right server, which you want to connect in. In our case, it will be Quakenet, so find it there and click select, then OK.
Third, you have to connect on the server. In upper part of mIRC, click File -> Connect. And hurray! We are connected to QUAKENETz!1!11
Fourth, you have to join channel you like. You can perform any IRC command by using slash ("/") and additional word. You need to be registered on Quakenet to get on our channel, so we need to perform "Quakenet register" command. In this case, it will be /msg Q@Cserve.quakenet.org HELLO <your@email> <your@email>. Then just follow instructions, which were sent on your email. After you will receive your registration informations, you must AUTHENTICATE yourself (and always on connect). It will be /auth <your-authentication-name> <your-password>. I think, noone likes its long password, so you can change it after authing yourself. The command is /msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org NEWPASS <your-current-password> <new-password> <new-password>.
Finally, every channel is marked with a brick ("#") before its name. In our case, we will use /join #2vs2.soldat command, by which we will get on Duo Gather channel.

1. Starting
Our channel is #2vs2.soldat located on QuakeNet. Our Duo Gather bot is called GatherBot, so you will receive informations from him and our helper |BattleBot| (www.nordicbots.com). Commands, which you can use on our channel are HERE. At our channel or even ingame, you have to act like a normal person. If you don't know how to, please read HERE. If you would like to ask something related to Duo Gather, HERE are already answered questions. If there isn't question you were looking for, PM me.

2. Adding to Duo Gather
While you are on #2vs2.soldat channel, you can start the gather or add to free slots in already started. Command for starting new gather is !on, but deppends on which kind of gather you want to start. You can choose two types: (c) Capture the Flag, (b) Capture the Flag [Soldat Beta]. If you are European, which wants to start European CTF Duo Gather and is not opened or even already started, use !con. If there is any CTF european game opened and you would like to add, use !cadd. List of all commands are HERE. When Duo Gather will be filled, you will receive QUERY from GatherBot with server, where you have to join, team, which you will have to play in and map, which will be (in need) tiebreaker.

3. Ingame

When you will get ingame, wait for other players to connect. First map is chosen by Alpha team, second map by Bravo team. If you dont want to wait two minutes after joining, use !map <mapname> instead. If map will need to be restarted, use !restart. If Alpha team will win one map and Bravo team too, so the score will be 1:1, tiebreaker map is needed to be played. If Alpha team will win one map and Bravo team will tie second one, so the score will be 1:0, tiebreaker will also needed to be played. As I've mentioned above, GatherBot will send you informations about who will be in Alpha and Bravo team and which map will be tiebreaker. When the match will be nearly ending, you can leave server minimally 30 secs before end, otherwise its match abandon and that is punishable.
If you will want to check all the commands available on the server, use !commands ingame.
If you are in middle of the map and you need to go away for a while (okay, "while" would be maximally minute, in terrible case something over minute), you can use command !pause or !p, which will stop the game (abusing this command is also punishable).
If you are in middle of the map and you need to go away for long/er time, pause the game and call a sub. Making substitute for server you are currently on is proceeded by using command !csub 1 (which means c = ctf, ctf substitute one needed). If there is only ONE minute left, wait untill the map ends, then call a sub.
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Guide for newbies
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