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mIRC DuoG Script
(Updated: 17.4.2010)
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:10 pm

[IN-GAME rules]

1) Don't flame others / no racism
- Flaming isn't a nice thing to do. Your reward for flaming can also reach the point of ban.

2) Don't kick without a reason
- Don't kick players around you. Only if they are not from the gather or use hacks or use really weird language. (If they do, please, first use the F8 button, so we can perma ban them)

3) For any complains, admins are the only persons you can talk to
- Have you heard "Dog is humans best friend"? It works same here, but we are not dogs.

4) Hacks are forbidden
- You can use them, but NOT ON DUO GATHERS. Wanna ban? Try them here!

5) Don't do intended selfkills on Teammatch
- This would make your enemies weaker. Bannable!

6) Play normally
- Game is fun, but not about to fuck everything up. Don't use MINIGUN frequently either.

7) Hold your name!
- Hold your ingame name to save your stats.

8 ) No Statskilling
- If anyone is afk/has cp's (exactly - player is not playing), then you HAVE to stop the game (in our case by using !p).
- If match didn't started yet (and exactly not everyone is ready), don't play/warmup/train (exactly don't kill) on any other map than UnCappable ( = lobby map).

[Forum rules]

1) No flooding
- We dislike it. Bannable.

2) No flaming / no racism
- Explained above.

3) Try to avoid foul language
- Well, sometimes it's hard, so at least just try control yourself, please.

4) Use English only
- We don't understand chinesse and we are not going to learn it. If you want tell something to your friend here, use PM (private message). Otherwise, you will be muted for some time.

[Channel rules (IRC)]

- same as forum rules

5) Substitute > New game
- If you will see slot for substitute and you were about to go play gather, add as a substitute instead of getting in new one - first finish the game already running, then start another.

6) No multiple rejoining and/or adding
- Look, flooding bot is nothing nice

7) You add = you play
- Exact?

List of punishments is HERE.
* Rules can be changed at ANY TIME by ANY admin
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General Rules
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